Aurang Zaib is a graduate of School of Politics and International Relations at Quaid-i-Azam Universtiy, Islamabad. He can be followed on twitter @AZ_uthwaal


This research paper tries to explain the raison deter behind anti-Americanism in Muslim World. However, the focus of this research paper will be the causes of anti-Americanism especially after 9/11 and particularly the impacts of globalization and neo-imperialism which reached at its apogee point during this period. Moreover, research paper will mainly focus on the case study of Pakistan-USA relations after 9/11 and how trust-deficit and anti-Americanism grew during this period. The paper will also explain why there exist only anti-Americanism and not anti-Chinese response in Muslim world despite China being a strong contender for hegemony in the world in lieu of changing world order. 

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