Nayab Zahra is a graduate of School of Politics and International Relations at Quaid-i-Azam Universtiy, Islamabad. She can be followed on twitter @nayabzahra024


This paper is aimed at exploring the origin and root causes of the intense hatred and discriminatory attitude of the West against the Muslims. It studies the epistemological as well as historical perspectives of Islamophobia and the impact of this hatred spewed directly or indirectly on the Muslims. Moreover, the paper indicates various impacts and implications that Anti-Muslim sentiment in the West has had and would have, in future, on the International Relations as well as on the Muslim world. The paper raises the question why Islamophobia has risen to such great extent in the Modern times and argues that the post 9/11 scenario has brought an increase in the anti-Muslim sentiment and discrimination against Muslims in Europe and America. This discrimination has negatively affected the Muslim communities around the globe.

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