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The ICJ has announced Verdict in Kalbhushan Jadhav case and the verdict, not surprisingly, strikes balance between both India and Pakistan. Following is the full text of the ICJ verdict.

Kulbhushan Jadhav Judgement… by Rationale 47 on Scribd

Indian Claims in Jadhav Case

1. Pakistan violated Vienna Convention (Approved)
2. Pakistan’s Military Court verdict violated Vienna Convention. (Failed)
3. Annul Pakistani court’s sentence. (Failed)
4. Release Jadhav to India. (Failed)
If releasing Jadhav is not plausible, then
5. Trial Jadhav in a Civilian Court. (Failed)

The only Indian Claim accepted was Pakistan’s violation of Vienna Convention in the case. The ICJ ruled that Pakistan had violated article 36 of Vienna Convention by:
a. Not informing Jadhav of his rights.
b. Not informing #India of Jadhav’s detention.
c. Not giving consular access to #India to Jadhav.

The Verdict in Jadhav Case by the ICJ has called Pakistan to provide India the consular access to Jadhav and review and reconsider Jadhav’s conviction and sentence. The verdict brings victory to neither Pakistan nor India. It does however, favour India as one out of five Indian claims has been approved causing Pakistan to delay the execution further.

Pakistan’s Interpretation of the Verdict

The Government of Pakistan hailed the verdict of the ICJ by claiming it a moment of triumph for Pakistan. Shah Mehmood Qureshi, the Foreign Minister tweeted,

A Pakistani journalist tweeted following points to conclude that the verdict is not in favour of India but pretty much supports the Pakistani narrative.

An expert on National Security tweeted,

Indian Interpretation of the Verdict

The Indian government, despite failing to succeed in seeking approval of its four out of five claims, declared the verdict the triumph of India. The Indian Ministry of External Affairs welcomed the judgement by the ICJ on the ground that the court upheld one of the Indian claims mentioned above.

The Indian Minister for External Affairs tweeted,

Its a Balancing Act

The Verdict is a balancing act between India and Pakistan and is therefore victory to none. India’s goal in the case was to get Jadhav released in which did not succeed. Similarly, Pakistan’s goal was to get the Indian objections dismissed, citing that Vienna Convention was not applicable in the case, in which Pakistan also could not succeed.

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